Student Talk

Learning is SOCIAL. 

Working collaboratively with others is more powerful than working individually. Regular and structured interactions provide opportunities to work through and confirm mental models. 

Through these interactions, students can confirm the viability of knowledge or reorganize their own thinking. 

Getting Started

Level Up Student Talk With Success Criteria

What is Success Criteria?

Success Criteria should provide students with a clear answer to the question: How will I know that I have learned it? Or, How will we know that we have learned it?  Success criteria provide the guidelines that indicate what success looks like for individual learning goals

Learning Goals

The knowledge, concepts, or skills we want students to have at the end of a period of learning. 

Student Talk, Success Criteria, and Standards working in tandem to support student learning

General Student Talk/Success Criteria PLC Template

Try this student-facing single-point rubric to promote student autonomy and metacognition 

General Student Talk: Student Reflection (Single Point Rubric)