Learning-Center Grading

Key Goals of Learning-Center Grading

Background in GUHSD

Since 2019, groups of teachers have been considering elements of Joe Feldman’s Grading for Equity to rethink grading practices to ensure they are equitable and are measuring the mastery of standards. 

The main principle of this work involves the creation of a culture of learning and feedback through an ongoing conversation with students around their progress. This is a break from the system where students have chased points. As a result, undoing this mindset to refocus on learning will take time and ongoing communication with both students and parents. 

Addition Resources

Grading for Equity Tiers for Implementation

Grading for Equity One or Two-Pagers

Learning-Center Grading Recommendations

This set of recommendations reflects the experiences of GUHSD teachers, the technical options of Schoology and Infinite Campus, and the GUHSD Board Policy around grading. A comprehensive look at the elements of Grading for Equity can be found on GFE Tiers for Implementation resource.

Learning-Centered Grading - GUHSD Recommendations

Learning-Center Grading Schoology Course

A two-hour asynchronous workshop is available for teachers. This course is focused on reviewing and reflecting on the Learning-Centered Grading Recommendations document.

Interested, contact dmcdowell@guhsd.net