2019-20 District-wide Learning Goal

All GUHSD staff build an understanding of the UDL mindset.

Throughout 2019-20, each school will address the district-wide learning goal through a series of site-led workshops. In consultation with CAST, the GUHSDLearns team is producing the workshop series. Sites are encouraged to customize materials as needed. 

UDL Workshop #1 - The UDL Mindset

Workshop #1

The UDL Mindset, Learner Variability, and Clear Goals with Flexible Means


UDL Workshop #2 - Removing Barriers

Workshop #2

Removing Barriers from Learning


UDL Workshop #3 - Flexible Means & Choice

Workshop #3

Workshop #4

A review of the UDL Mindset and the three Core Concepts

(Coming Soon)

Workshop #5

An overview of the UDL Guidelines.

(Coming Soon)

Site Workshop Resources

Edit access available to site UDL teams. Please send dmcdowell@guhsd.net requests to add others to the team.